No Touch®

Original Tire Care

  • The world’s original tire care formula! The original, patented formula that set the standard in one-step tire care. Original Tire Care leaves a rich, satin finish and a protective barrier that prevents surface cracking and discoloration while helping repel dirt and dust. No wiping, no rubbing, no dirty rags. Just spray and walk away.

    Available Size: 18oz. (425g), 21oz. (595g)

  • One-step tire care:

  • Use only per directions:

    Shake well before use. From 6 inches away spray evenly to sidewall in one circular motion. Allow to dissolve, penetrate and dry (10-15 minutes). NO TOUCH® Tire Care can be applied effectively to wet tires and other rubber surfaces (i.e. bumpers, mud flaps, trim). Do not spray on brake rotors, brake drums, floors or motorcycle tires and seats. Also avoid direct contact on O.E. rims and custom wheels. If oversprayed onto painted metal or wheel surfaces, simply wipe off upon contact. Wash excessively dirty tires first.


    Excess residue from tires can spot driveway. To avoid, rinse driveway immediately after use.

No Touch - Original Tire Care