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Seriously Wet Extreme Tire Shine

  • Our wettest tire shine ever! Serious tire shine for serious car enthusiasts. Sprays on wetter for an exceptionally long-lasting ultra high gloss "wet" finish. Protects tires from UV and ozone damage. Suggested Use: Blackwall tires

    Available Size: 15 oz.

  • The powerful ingredients in Slick 50 Advanced Formula Engine Treatment:

  • Use only per directions:

    Shake well before using. Spray evenly on clean dry tires. Allow 20 minutes to penetrate and dry before driving. No need to wipe tires. For extra shine, reapply as directed. Avoid contact on O.E. rims and custom wheels. WIPE OFF OVER SPRAY ON WHEELS, HUBCAPS AND PAINTED SURFACES IMMEDIATELY.


    Use only as directed. Do not apply to any surface that should not become slippery including tire tread area, brake rotors, brake drums or any area on motorcycle tires and seats. Thoroughly wash any of these areas that become inadvertently contacted prior to use with a detergent solution. IMMEDIATELY WIPE OFF ANY OF THIS MATERIAL TO PREVENT PERMANENT STAINING OR DAMAGE TO WHEELS, HUBCAPS, VEHICLE BODY PANELS, TRIM AND BUMPERS. Vehicle should not be driven until product has dried completely on tires. Excess residue or runoff from tires can spot driveway - wash driveway with a detergent solution immediately after use to prevent staining.

Seriously Wet™ Extreme Tire Shine